Connected Solution

Our holistic EdTech solution is based on an enterprise-level platform that integrates K-12 tools, reporting, and fundraising initiatives.

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Launching in 2017; Intelvative's ConnectSO Fundraising Platform focuses on providing K-12 resources for areas impacted by shrinking education budgets.

We believe that strategic involvement from the technology community can transform what can be done in schools by partnering with, and implementing a robust technical solution. We also believe today’s schools need an affordable, flexible, and interoperable technology solution  to support the demands of a growing and more sophisticated educational community.

Forward Thinking

The ConnectSO Fundraising Platform generates revenue for local schools and PTAs easing the burden of future budget cuts.

Our EdTech Strategy

"Profitability Through Social Responsibility" isn't just our catchy tag line. Our primary focus is helping schools, parents and students first. 

Intelligent People. Innovative Ideas.

Beyond the Box

We strongly believe in delivering innovative strategies to help fix the education system in the United States of America, one school at a time.

Why Intelvative?