What is ConnectSO?

ConnectSO is a School Management Enterprise Platform (SMEP), providing schools a single interoperable technology platform that encompasses all of the operational needs of an individual school, district and state while drastically reducing the financial burdens associated with the cost of technology and other costs associated with education.

ConnectSO was created to solve major problems plaguing the K-12 educational landscape today, including:

Connecting Schools Online.

Piece-meal School Management Solutions

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We will use a two-phased approach to the development of our ConnectSO solution. The initial phase encompasses the full development of our ConnectSO Fundraising Platform with a launch planned for 3Q 2017. The second phase of our development includes the build out of our remaining school management modules, which rounds out our ConnectSO School Management Enterprise Platform. The entire ConnectSO solution is predicted to launch in 2018.

Our Approach
  • Outdated interfaces using several “freemium” services that requires their own login information.
  • Disparate technology solutions that are not interoperable prohibit data collection, analysis, and reporting
  • School budgets are decreasing and cannot afford an enterprise solution to meet 100% of a schools’ operational needs