The ConnectSO Fundraising Platform

no more fundraisers.

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Profitability Through Social Responsibility

Gone will be the days that our children are selling candy and wrapping paper door-to-door. Gone will be the days when 3rd party companies are making the most of school fundraisers.  By adhering to our motto, ‚ÄúProfitability through Social Responsibility‚ÄĚ we are developing the ConnectSO Fundraising Platform (CFP) within our School Management Enterprise Platform (SMEP) for the sole purpose of helping schools generate revenue to help pay for extracurricular and co-curricular activities and other expenses incurred by schools and teachers. In this way, we provide schools the ability to fundraise 24/7 and allow them to maximize the proceeds generated from fundraising campaigns. 

The CFP is a transparent e-commerce service whereby schools, teachers and parents earn money for every product sold. ConnectSO will also collect a small portion of the sales to offset operating expenses.